Character Performance

Another piece from 2nd year, we were given dialogue, then designed a character and animated them speaking. It made me want to do more 11 second club work, July is coming up...

E4 Sting

This is the whole of the E4 sting from a few months back. Memories....

2010 Showreel

This is madeup of bits from my 2nd year at Glamorgan, mainly from my final film RUN!

I'll be getting back into animating very soon hopefully, painting walls isnt fun.

RUN! now with extra pixels

Youtube decided it likes 1080p now so here's a full res version of my film, i feel i should post it because of the hassle it took to get it to render with premiere pro, i need a new editing program...


Here's my final film, im realy pleased with how it came out. its been a crazy few weeks since the deadline. I was nominated for best 2nd year at the Glammies so the film had its premier on a huge cinema screen, it was amazing seeing the film that big. it got a great response from the audience, it was great to get a fresh reaction as iv seen this film so many times i can't be objective anymore. I should get a 1080 version uploaded soon, but for now here it is.

Time to start planning on next years film now i think.