One Minute Life Drawing

I sat down earlier today to do a few quick sketches.
I got a bit carried away using a figure drawing generator and did about 70 pieces.

Wanna Dance?

I've realised I don't tend to accessorise my characters too often. So I'm going to put more effort into giving them an identity.

Kneelin' & Dealin'

This started as some life drawing, but I decided to go a bit more stylized.


Playing around with brushes and such.


Some Life Drawing, I'm trying to get back into quicker sketches.


I wanted to try something new with this today. I started colouring it a bit more traditionally but I've pretty much forgotten how to paint, building up colours and such is hard..
I shall revisit this Sooooon..

Black Swan

In an attempt to do more work and actually make use of my blog. I'm gonna aim to do something new everyday, be it doodles, posters, life drawing or anything.

Wonder Womaaaan!

I've been too busy eBaying to draw much recently. This Wonder Woman is from a while ago, but I coloured it quickly while I had some free time.

I've also been working on and off on a new poster for Breaking Bad, one of the best TV series I've ever seen. The poster will eventually be cleaned up and coloured properly, so watch this space!

Posh Peoples

A daily dose of drawings.

Thug Life

I'm aware that I don't draw male characters too often, mainly I find it difficult to make them look interesting, so I tend to draw ladies instead. The above image came about accidentally, I guess he still looks a bit feminine. I'll try rugged people soon.

Also, another Katniss. Probably the last one for a while.

Gun Gal

Time to Draw again! It's been a while since my last post, holidaying in Spain is a decent excuse I guess, also catching up on the awesomeness that is Breaking Bad. One day I'll focus all the adoration into some Breaking Bad inspired work, but for now I'm making my way through some old drawings.