Spoilers. There's an alien in it.

I should work smaller, but I'm sure I'll start printing them soon.

Full size is 2932x1500, I don't think Blogger enjoys that size.

List of Shame

I finally saw the Godfather yesterday, and it only took about 22 years.
It had been on my list of shame forever and i felt the urge to right some wrongs.

Anyway, horse with no head for all the family.

This has probably been done before, i try not to look at other peoples artwork for the films so I'm not subliminally influenced.

I worked on three other posters today, two of which i scrapped because the thumbnails worked better than the finished pieces, but ones still waiting to get polished and i thought of a new one about an hour ago that i'll do soon

Man I should realy do something animation related.

Actually, I'm going to make my definitive list of shame and conquer it. . .

. . . over the next 22 years!


I tried to bring a few more elements of the film into this peice, New York is such a big part of the story, and Léon's plant had to make an appearance. As well as the two character's roles, Léon as the guardian and Mathilda as the child in need.

Other than that I wanted to capture the golden haze of the cinematography.


I'm in the middle of the Scott pilgrim books, I finished the 4th today after waking up at stupid o'clock. I wanted to carry on my vector/notbeingabletousephotoshop style so I showed some Ramona love.

And I found out Duncan Jones (director of Moon) saw my poster and tweeted the link, which Luke sent him.



I've wanted to do a film poster redesign for a while but never had the drive to actually get anything going, I woke up strangely early today so decided I might aswell try not to waste it and do something I'd be happy with. I've been looking at lots of vector art and thought I should try to replicate that style, altough I didnt use vectors, just the paintbrush in photoshop.

Obviously Moon is the little film that everyone fell in love with last year, Sam Rockwell is awesome as always and it realy is a one man show (in most conventional ways).

Other than Sam I just kept everything else quite simple. I plan on doing some more posters in the next few weeks, but might try working smaller (this started at 3000x5864)

Anyway, hope you like it, I'd love any feedback.

Life Drawing

It had been forever since i did any life drawing, and with 3rd Year looming i thought i should try and become un-rusty. I spent an evening using a random pose generator website and tried not to spend more than a few minutes on each, and didnt want to clean them up as you lose some of the sketchy charm and it becomes a bit sterile. Im planning on doing some every week from now on to stay in the right mindset for when we start back.


These are some drawing of buildings in Japan. I very much cheated and used lots of photo reference, but the plan is to attempt colouring the first pic.

Amy is currently colouring this second picture, I set her a challenge to make it a neon filled city, and because I had no idea how to go about it myself.

Faces all over the places.

Here's a few of my random doodles all thrown into one handy picture, mainly because I didnt want to colour each one, and I need to be less precious about having everything perfect before I post it.

Bendy Kick

Here's a quick test I did playing around with body physics. I hope to include some realy over exagerrated bendy animation. I coloured it with Toon Boom and took some time to shade the character aswell, just to see if it was feasable. It took a while but worked well. I might put the character onto a background soon, i just didnt have any that fit with it.

Bendy Kick from Darren Findlay on Vimeo.


A couple of random doodles, as always theres 10 sheets on my desk for every one drawing that makes its way here.

Just thought i should do something with my day. I'm still making progress with ideas for next year, but trying not to pigeon hole myself into one idea.

I plan on roughly storyboarding a few ideas for when we head back to uni.

Woo indeed..