This is a drawing I've had lying around for a while. I had an epic day of animating so I wanted to get away from all that and do something new. This isn't far off a character I designed in the Summer before I came up with Bubblegum Girl, she might resurface after I've graduated as a side project. So watch this space...

Doc Ock

This has been my project throughout the day to distract me from work. I'm pretty pleased with how it came out, it just took way longer than I thought it would to colour.


Just a quick doodle. Move along now.

Say Aaaah

Here's another little preview of things to come.

Wham Bam Thankyou Ma'am

A sneak peek is well overdue. I'm really happy with some of the stuff that I've been working on recently and wanted to give you all a little preview.

The shots like this are what keep me going.

Also, this is one of the tamer shots, so I can only apologise in advance to anyone who may get a bit grossed out when they see the film.


These are a few of my drawings from the last few days. I tend to doodle a bit everyday, I just try to filter it for you guys.

The films coming along, not sure I'm going to post anything just yet. I'm going to keep as much of it as a nice surprise as I can for the time being.