A drawing that took far too long.


I felt the urge to colour some odd drawings I had done last week. Time away from animating, planning fights and epic train journeys all mean I need to get back on form this week.

Bubblegum Girl Animatic

Bubblegum Girl Animatic 2 from Darren Findlay on Vimeo.

This is my current working animatic for Bubblegum Girl. It's still very rough but it was mainly to time things out and try out tone within the scenes.

There are a few still images in there towards the end, as there's some bits I want to be able to reveal with the final film rather than spoil all the fun ahead of time.

Blue Bubblegum

This is another one of the random down time doodles I did last night. I wanted to try drawing Bubblegum Girl looking a bit less cartoony, but bendy limbs are always cartoony, so let's just imagine this is her prior to the kidnapping/gruesome experimentation.


I haven't had much to post recently. Its all key frames and the like so I took a break and did some quick colouring. I have some more drawings I might colour soon, or put together a page of sketches.

She looks a bit drunk.