Bendy Boss

Things don't go too well for this guy, not that he doesn't have it coming. Im going to plan out the fights this week so some thumbs may find their way here soon.

The Big Bad Boss

These are some designy bits for the Boss of the big evil corporation that created Bubblegum Girl. I'll put some more up soon, as well as some designs for his henchmen

City Test

I managed to finish my first animatic for Bubblegum Girl today, I'm pretty pleased with it, even more so due to it being 3 minutes, it could easily be 5 or 6 if I was too precious over some elements.
I'm going to add temp music tomorrow ready for the Sweatbox on Monday and I thought I should have something else to show so I knocked up a very quick colour test for the City.

This is far from finished but its a way to see what works and what doesn't. I've been thinking a washed out inky effect could work, especially in the fight scenes as they'l all have quick vivid editing so splashes of colour could compliment whats happening on screen, and the different ways we can portray day and night could be fun to experiment with.

Wall Running

Finally a background! Not that it realy suits the scene, I used a photo I took in Tokyo as reference. I'v bee going through all of my summer research and planning trying to funnel it into a finished idea. I should get some Cop designs done soon, and lots of epic city concept, and then some thumbs and boardsandlayoutsandkeysand oh my there's much to do!

Double Deadline All The Way Across The Sky

So 3 weeks of Flash and a dissertation proposal later, it's time to actually get started on Bubblegum Girl, for the next 9 weeks! Thats a whole lot of bendy doodles, fighting stances, battle choreography and world building in no particular order.

but in the mean time, why not test your heroic-ness:

Save The Ship

A Sexy Space Predicament!

That title's the only way to describe this picture I think.

I'll be able to finish the two uni projects I'm working on tomorrow and then I finally get to start Pre-Production on Monday!

I'll also upload some Flash stuff soon, it's quite weird thinking back to three weeks ago when I was just about ready to smash my computer up trying to make buttons. Those were the days. . .

I'm now a little exited about writing my dissertation, I changed it all up again before finalising the proposal and it feels like a "proper" piece of work in the making.

Gleek Out

A little break from Flash.

And One For Luck

Some super fast colouring with no thought at all. I'm at least satisfied that I can draw a half convincing profile


I'm not sure why it says boom behind her. It's much easier than drawing an actual explosion I suppose.

Think Pink

I'v got a few pictures I'm colouring throughout today, trying to give each one a different spin so we'll see how that works out.

Stripes (Not the Bill Murray Film)

I'm not too sure what to say about this.

It's more fun than making buttons.

Only 50?

Apparently this is my 50th blog post, which isn't an achievement I know.

I should definately be asleep now, I just had to colour something after a day of avoiding Flash. I realy would have liked to draw up a background for this picture, it doesn't feel grounded to me, she needs a home! But Bubblegum Girl does apparently have more in her wardrobe than pencil dresses to wear.

Soon, a wooly jumper!

Just One More?

Ok, now I'll do some Flash work, I promise.

Have I Revealed The Title Yet?

Until I think up a better one, this is what you're getting.

No dots for a change!

I realy want to start doing backgrounds for these pictures, but thats a story for another day.

Tomorrow, I do lots of planning for Flash.

Introducing. . .

I'm done with Flash researchy type things for one day, i wanted to try making my doodles a bit different tonight. I was thinking how some film poster campaigns do individual character posters.

Now if only I had more than one character...

One more piece coming up later

Flash Makes BGG Mad..

Hopefully next week will go smoother but having a week to explore the possibilities of Flash made me find a weeks worth of things that Flash overcomplicates.

I need to write up all the research and things but I found a way to procrastinate, colouring doodles!

I drew this a while ago but it seems appropriate to post it after this week.