Pondering Poses

I haven't done anything that isnt Bubblegum Girl related for a while, so I gave myself a break today.
I'm in the process of posing out the characters in each of the shots, and almost keying out most of them at this point.
My mind is very pose orientated at the moment, I realised these two drawings were essentially the same pose.
It's a pose that doesn't appear in the film so I'm not sure where it came from.

Layouts 2.0

These are some more of my layouts, my plan is to be finished with them by the end of the week so I can be animating by Monday.

The Big Bad Boss' Desk
The City
Alleyway End

Alleyway Estab
Some Bendy Trees


It's been quite a while since I managed to get any work on here, I'm drowning in layouts this week, its a nice change from bendy people though and it means I have some proof that my film might actually get done.
These are some of the Layouts I have cleaned up so far, they all still need extra tweaks but hopefully you can tell what they are. Amy has even coloured some of them
for me so you should probably make your way over to her blog and check them out!

The Big Bad Boss' Tower Temple

A City Rooftop

The Long Alleyway

The Big Bad Boss' Desk with Melty Candles

Second City Rooftop

Over Sized and Rather Tight Apparel

These should be the last two bits I do. I managed to churn out quite a few drawings today so I may colour the rest over the next week or so.


This was meant to be practise at drawing her profile, but I got carried away.


Full on Production actually in factually starts tomorrow...

Orange flavour.

The Blues

It's been a while since I put anything on here, I have lots of excuses that I'm sure don't apply realy. I did experience a major laptop meltdown a few days after xmas which took away most of my opportunities to upload work, and the Pre-Production hand is is rather imminent which is daunting and a bit of a blessing as it will finally be time to animate!

Anyway, here's some blue flavoured Bubblegum Girl, it had been a while since I'd done any original work, all of my time this week has been spent going through old drawings and laying them up all pretty and stuff.