One last orange hued picture for today.

no promises.

Rubber Neckin'

One last picture for today, time to do some actual work.

How to Avoid Planning a Dissertation

Another dotty face. I'm trying to get a subtle shadow working with the dots.

And Bubblegum girl will not have curly hair, it would be a nightmare to animate.

Ben-Dee Dots (geddit!)

I'v been trying for a while to get a comic book effect in the pictures I colour, and until now there hasnt been anything worth posting, but I think I'm on the right track now so here's the first pic I'm happy with.

Other Characters Need Not Apply

Some more Bubblegum Girl Concepty bits. I'm very slowly coming around to designing the other characters in the film, but for every one of them we have 10 Bubblegum Girls. There's more on the way today, I'm going to clean up some more drawings and maybe even colour a few.


More coloured in bendy people. Thought I should do one last post before I'm away from a decent scanner for a week..

Embiggened Fightings

Thes are a few examples of some fighting techniques that would encorporate the bendyness and elasticity, i thumbed them out a few days ago but thought it was easier to get a sense of whats happening if the pictures were clearer.

Also, the bad guys have masks mainly because i was bored of drawing faces, but i'm liking it so far.


Some colourification.

I was thinking the blue is a more "Bubblegummy" colour.

Love Interest?

There's only realy one person thats gonna fall for Bubblegum Girl:

Reed (Mr Fantastic) Richards of course!


A few more doodles of Bendy Wendy (not her name).

I'm going to colour something soon, but probably not any of these.


Thought i should throw a few things up on the blog before i have no access to a scanner for a while.

The story hasnt moved far in the last few days but i've started thumbing some fight scenes as i realised i'm goin to have to work out all of the choreography beforehand.

Iv embiggend a few of the thumbs into full pictures that il upload soon but essentially im playing around with what the Bubblegum Girl can do

The Bubblegum Girl

I'm still figuring out my story for next year's film, trying not to finalise something whilst making sure that want you want to acheive is possible when you know the time restrictions is a strange predicament to be in.

These are some doodles of character concepts for The Bubblegum Girl. Essentially a very bendy person on the run. I'm going to try not to have as many running shots in the new film, but i will have lots and lots of fighting shots.

Yeah, she can go all bigger and stuff!