Only 50?

Apparently this is my 50th blog post, which isn't an achievement I know.

I should definately be asleep now, I just had to colour something after a day of avoiding Flash. I realy would have liked to draw up a background for this picture, it doesn't feel grounded to me, she needs a home! But Bubblegum Girl does apparently have more in her wardrobe than pencil dresses to wear.

Soon, a wooly jumper!


  1. That is an impressively floaty dress. I see you have also given her new hair! Also, make the jumper stripey! No need for backgrounds yet, there will be time for them later. Green will do for now!

    (Congrats on the 50! You have a while before you catch up to my 185 posts though...)

  2. Curly hair and ponytails! Got to love it! Also, the dress is really pretty and different for the character