Over Sized and Rather Tight Apparel

These should be the last two bits I do. I managed to churn out quite a few drawings today so I may colour the rest over the next week or so.

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  1. I dunno if you read your comments lol worth a shot.

    I had an idea for your backgrounds...you've probably already thought about this, if so just ignore me. Have you considered some overlays? You could draw some in the foreground on a separate layer and add a lens blur on them and it'll give them some extra depth. They'd be lit so they'd fit in well. I can show you what I mean tomorrow or whenever...I'm pretty terrible at explaining stuff indirectly.

    Sorry all I seem to talk about is bg's at the moment too lol I'm in epic bg mode it seems.

    Your characters are pretty cool too, by the way. I like the purple one best! Her hair is so cool.