Bane Bane Matalo Matalo

It's still about 8 months away, but it should come as no surprise that I'm crazy excited for The Dark Knight Rises coming out next year. The real challenge has been living on the internet and avoiding all the spoilerific set photos and spy videos hitting just about every film site out there. Finally however we're starting to see some official photos, and it looks so badass. I'm gonna be counting the days just like I was in 2008, so this is in no way going to be my last TDKR related post, because I'm gonna be drawing the shit out of all the things. I was actually starting a piece with Tom Hardy as his Warrior character Tommy when I started seeing the Bane photos and quickly set everything aside to draw him instead. I also wanted to do a Tinker Tailor poster soon, so there could be an influx of Tom Hardy related bits in the near future.

Fan Rant over.


  1. "I'm gonna be drawing the shit out of all the things" thing I've read on Blogger EVER! Haha, sweet work, man, can't wait to see more!