Bubblegum Expressions

Wowser, this took a lot longer than I thought.

Fitting Bubblegum Girl into the 25 Essential Expressions template from DeviantArt was my goal for today, and I'm pretty happy with most of them, some feel rushed looking back , and some are overworked, but I have a much better sense of the character so all's well.

I like Flirty, Tired and Despondent (even though I had to Google it).

I tried to play around with hairstyles while I was going to keep it interesting, and I'm still not sure which ones I'll take forward. Bubblegum Girl will start the film with her hair down, then tie it up before her first fight, because a furiosly whipping ponytail isn't gonna be my main priority when it come to the animation.

I'll get the Big Bad Boss' Expressions going soon.


  1. Thanks!

    We all know your favourite *cough Drunk *cough lol

    or Raaage!

  2. Cheers boyo,

    You should do a page for the monster, it would be aaawesome.