Fire Escape

I've had a pretty hecticly awesome weekend and hadn't even thought about internet or drawing until today, which was a nice break but I'm now thinking I need to play catch up for a few days. I spend a good chunk of this evening drawing though, I hadn't drawn Bubblegum Girl for quite a while so spent some time getting back into my old bendy ways. Problem is I still draw a different person everytime, I got the Big Bad Boss finalised realy quickly,and tried a few different approaches today but didn't get anything final.

Unfortunatly I dont have a scanner here so I wont be posting any of my lovely bendy drawings until later in the week, but that does'nt mean i cant make my way through my back log of doodles. I've got some coloured that im going to put up later, but for now here's one of the shots from my film penned out all nice that I did last week.

I was hoping to colour it, but I may try a few colour schemes tomorrow instead.

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  1. I love how you make things so easy for yourself with your simple angles and straight forward movements...