Summer Doodles

So I'm back in Cardiff after a couple of weeks away, I spent most nights doodling in some capacity because I remember how bad it felt starting second year after taking a few months off and not being able to do anything.

My plan for the next few weeks is to animate a few quick bits over the summer, experimenting with different styles and trying to lock in an idea for a film for next year. I have found some bits of dialogue that I should be able to start animating to this week.

I know its cheating to base the character you animate on the person the dialogue is taken from but its only a quick sentance or to so who's it hurting?

My first little doodle, taken from about 80+ pages of drawings that still need to be scanned and coloured, is a little Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrait i did over the weekend, i think i ended up with about 20 different expressions but this one will do for now.

This second pic is one of many I drew while I was back home, I'm still swirling ideas for next year around in my head but there are certain elements that I know I want to include. After having a male protagonist last year i thought i should change things up. I want my character to be feisty and tough, but young enough to be out of her depth among whoever she ends up against. At the moment I'm going for crazy action crossed with some sci fi elements.

Anyway, here's my first go at drawing what my brain makes, any feedback would be cool too.

and P.S. she will have legs. I just didnt draw them this time...

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  1. The portrait of Jospeh Gorden Levitt is pretty awesome! I'll try and give you some feedback on the other character though.

    Firstly, I really like her. I like that you haven't made her look too generic facially, and she has really expressive eyes. However, you've said here that you want her to be feisty and tough, and I would maybe draw her again with a different expression to compliment that, as I think this image has kind of made her look like a more vulnerable character. I really like her ears!

    I definitely think this looks sci fi though. She looks a little bit alien in her appearance, and I think the colours you've chosen work really well.

    Would be cool to see any more sketches you've done of her.

    Urgh. I'm not so great at leaving feedback. Looks awesome!